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Not all incentives are created equal.

If you’ve ever attempted to boost sales or employee performance with fruit baskets and prepaid phone cards, then you know how true this rings. For an incentive to be effective, it must project a high retail value while costing the distributor considerably less. It must also leave a lasting impact on the recipient.

Unfortunately, monogrammed pens fail on both accounts.

To this marketing dilemma comes a very simple solution: the travel incentive! Studies consistently show that when offered as a reward or inducement, travel is far more compelling than other incentives, including cash. Why? Because vacations make enduring impressions, causing their perceived value to skyrocket.

Thanks to their universal appeal and flexible, easy-to-use format, tavel incentives allow for endless promotional possibilities. Capture new markets, sell more product, close more sales, boost company morale. . .all at a minimal investment on your part. allows you to purchase the right incentive, at just the right price, ensuring that all your promotions will be successful ones!

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