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Close More Sales

Don’t give clients time to waffle back and forth about buying. Make that sale a certainty with IncentiveTrip!

From the showroom to the boardroom, use IncentiveTrip to stamp out hesitation. Offer an indecisive customer a getaway and make it hard for him to walk away. Impress a client by flying him over in a private jet to sign on the dotted line.

Studies show that while many people desire to travel, vacation related purchases rank low amongst bonuses that an individual would think to buy for him or herself. That’s why travel incentives are such persuasive marketing tools: they add a flavour of rarity and unique opportunity that’s difficult to turn down.

Your competitors are at the backdoor, waiting to pick up your dropped sales. Don’t give them the chance! Close the deal today with an IncentiveTrip.

Application Examples:
  • General closing tool
  • Sales contest prizes
  • Thank you gifts
  • Employee rewards
  • First-day buying incentives
  • Two-tiered promotions