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The catch 22 of retail is that in order to turn a profit, you have to sell your inventory at a certain margin. But if units aren't flying off the shelves, retailers are often forced to cost-cut and fall short of their original investment.

Move more units in a faster mount of time by using travel incentives to product bundle!  For a small cost to you, a "free" Vacation Getaway can be combined with each purchase, increasing perceived customer value.  Additionally, IncentiveTrips can be used to highlight new products. Attract the attention you want and increase your profit margins by advertising with travel incentives!

Remember that travel is one of the highest valued incentives available. Effective use means you'll never have to compromise price or profits.

IncentiveTrip Product Bundling Examples:

  • Buy $100 worth of accessories!
  • Sign-up for an extended warranty!
  • Buy home furnishings!
  • Open an investment account!
  • Purchase close-out inventory!